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Details, Timings & How to Reach Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh

Whenever I close my eyes and imagine about Uttar Pradesh, what comes to my mind is images of the pilgrimages of Uttar Pradesh and most excitedly the wildlife of Uttar Pradesh. The Dudhwa National Park in Tehri district of Uttar Pradesh is home to India’s most exquisite wildlife which includes both, flora and fauna. I was so much fascinated by nature and wild animals that I wished to say that I wanted nothing but a permanent residence here at the Dudhwa National Park.

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The Dudhwa National Park originally stretches between the two districts, namely Lakhimpur Kheri and Bahraich. This is a huge national park which covers a total area of nearly 1,284.3 KM. Not only this, the Dudhwa National Park also has three huge forests within its boundaries which are now converted into agricultural land.

Toward its North-Eastern boundary, a River named Mohana flows which shares the Nepal border with it. The Dudhwa National Park lies next to the Indo-Nepal boundary is undoubtedly a heaven on Earth, considering the fact that it is not only beautiful but also comprises of untouched nature.

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  • Do’s and Dont’s to keep in mind before making your trip to the Dudhwa National Park

Here are few tips which I recommend you to follow, since they helped me a lot throughout my adventure filled, nature’s exploration trip:

  • Do not visit the sanctuary if you do not have confirmed resort bookings. It is very very hard to find accommodation on the last minute, and on the spot.
  • Do not break the rules in order to get inside the sanctuary, it is for your own safety.
  • In order to absorb and observe the natural beauty of the Wildlife Sanctuary, drive slowly.
  • Make sure that you stick to the trails and permissible pathways to stay secure and safe. Not only the wildlife will be in danger, but you will also be at higher risk.
  • Do not provoke the wild animals because it will disrupt their otherwise calm day and could cause you great threat and damage.
  • It is strictly prohibited to carry guns inside the wild sanctuary, or any hunting instruments for that matter.
  • I recommend you don’t play any music within the sanctuary because I deeply enjoyed the natural music of the wildlife and nature which is mesmerizing and hard to find.
  • If you expect to see a wild animal on every inch of the land, or worse, a tiger then drop down your expectations because it is not a zoo.

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  • Best time to reach Dudhwa National Park

You can trust me when I say visiting a nature’s park is not so much of a blessing if you do that during an inappropriate season. Therefore, I take it as my responsibility of suggesting you to visit the Dudhwa National Park between the months of November and May. These six to seven months are blissful times if you wish to enjoy the nature at its best. Avoid visiting the national park amidst hot, summer season.

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