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Best Places to Celebrate Diwali Festival in November (Uttar Pradesh)

Diwali is celebrated in Uttar Pradesh with grand pomp and show. It is a state with a melange of cultures and there are a whole lot of reasons for you to visit Uttar Pradesh this Diwali. The festival of lights is celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal unlike any of the other biggest states in the country. Celebrate Diwali by surrounding yourself amidst delightful and majestic works of architecture, aromatic and delectable Awadhi cuisine, vivid blending of cultures and religious sites. The locals of Uttar Pradesh celebrate Diwali for 5 days. The celebrations are worth watching and it is celebrated in honor of Lord Ram who returned back to Ayodhya along with his wife Goddess Sita and brother Laxman once the 14 years of exile were over as per the orders of his father King Dashrath.

Diwali in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh being a large populated state with diverse cultures has still managed to keep up the spirit of Diwali alive with the same zest and delightfulness. This Diwali be a part of the traditional and Colorful Diwali celebration which can be experienced first hand if you visit the following cities:


Ayodhya is the place where Lord Rama was born and Diwali is celebrated larger than life here, the first day sees devotees doing the Dhanteras, Dhanatrayodashi and the Yamadeepdaan. On the second day, the Hindus in Ayodhya celebrate the Choti Diwali and the Roop Chaturdashi. On the third day of Diwali, the Lakshmi pooja and the Chopda Pooja are performed. On the fourth day, devotees proceed with the Govardhan puja and the Annakoot. On the fifth day of Diwali the bhai puja is done along with other pujas.

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How to reach there:

The best way to reach here is by train and bus. There are regular trains that connect you with Jaipur, Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, and other cities. Ayodhya is just 130 km away from Lucknow and 200 km away from Varanasi.

Diwali in Ayodhya


Mathura is popular for its Diwali celebrations, as it is the land of Krishna commonly known as the Krishna Bhumi. It is surrounded with temples and devotees flock for a sacred in the Yamuna river to witness and be a part of the Diwali celebration, Prayers and Poojas. Mathura is a popular destination for the Govardhan puja and the Bhai duj events. Govardhan puja is commonly known as the Annakut which means a heap of grains. It takes place on the fourth day of Diwali and it is said that this is the day when Lord Krishna defeated Indira. This day also marks the event of the first lunar day of Shukla paksha which means bright fortnight as per the Hindu calendar.

The bhai dhuj is also one of the major events of Diwali celebrated in Mathura. It sees brothers and sisters taking a holy dip in the river Yamuna together while the priest Chant special prayers for a long, happy, prosperous and loving bond between them. They then go to the Yamuna Temple near the Vishram Ghat and implore the blessings of the Goddess. Devotees and visitors throng the Ghats at dawn and sunset.

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How to reach here:

One can easily reach Mathura as it has its very own rail Junction with regular trains that frequent and connect the major cities of Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. It is just 50 km away from Agra and 147 km away from Delhi. Visitors can also visit via car or Road Transport.


Diwali is celebrated in the city of Varanasi in a Majestic way. The holy city sits on the banks of the river Ganges and is surrounded by Ghats, temples and other places of worship. Devotees throng to the banks of the river Ganga and offer prayers to the Goddess Lakshmi while priest performs rituals, do Pooja and chant various verses from the Bhagavad Gita and offer prayers to the Gods. It is believed to be Holy, pure and auspicious. People then go out onto the streets and shop at the market stalls while exploring the Fairs, marketplace, and be a part of melas while indulging in mouth melting Indian sweets and cakes. Each one of them is dressed in glittering Indian traditional outfits for the festival.

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How to reach there:

Varanasi has its own airport that operates flights taking passengers to other major cities of India. It also has its own railway station that is well connected. You can also travel here by road and it has an excellent road transport system.

Diwali in Varanasi(Image Credits: Ritik Keshri)


Chitrakoot is a popular Diwali destination as visitors get the opportunity to be wrapped and surrounded by nature splendor, peace, and tranquility. Listen to the sound of chirping birds sparkling water and gushing streams as you dip yourself in the holy waters of the Mandakini river at Chitrakoot. This is a popular tradition practiced from time immemorial on the Dhanteras day. It is a place of legend has been the Abode of Lord Rama Sita and Lakshman during their 14 years of exile. Devotees camp at every nook and corner of the splendid beauty of Chitrakoot and they perform the sacred Parikrama near the Kamadgiri mountain.

How to reach here:

Chitrakoot has its own railway station which is located at Karvi and it is just 8 km away. It is 125 km away from Allahabad, 285 km away from Lucknow, 274 km away from Jhansi, 75 km away from Satna, and 127 km away from Mahoba.


In Lucknow, which is a place rich in cultural heritage and heaped in tradition, devotees wake up early in the morning and worship Hindu Gods while performing Pooja and paying tribute to their ancestors. The Poojas are performed in honor of Goddess Lakshmi and the Hindus observe a day-long fast. The evening see people lamps all over their homes and illuminating the surroundings with brilliant displays of Fireworks. Lucknow lights up like a magical land on the eve of Diwali with star lights, and little lamps decorating and lighting up balconies and the rooftops. It is also a popular place to indulge in Awadhi cuisine and its rich Aroma that fills the air, bite into mouth-watering sweets and a whole variety of traditional food. It satisfies the very soul of any food lover celebrating Diwali in the City.

How to reach there:

Lucknow is the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, you can reach it using any mode of transport. It is well connected by road, air and rail. It has its own airport railway station and frequent buses connecting Lucknow with all the major cities in India.

Diwali in Lucknow

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