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Best Places to Visit in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh : Tourist Destinations

Travel and tourism in Uttar Pradesh are inspired by a lot of factors. One of the greatest reasons for traveling to Uttar Pradesh is for a fact that cities in Uttar Pradesh are among the most historically aesthetic in the whole wide world. You will never know that the city you are stepping in has been alive for more than a couple thousand years! Sounds great, right? One such historical place in Uttar Pradesh is Mirzapur. Many of you might not know this historical fact about Mirzapur, that it is basically known for the multiple tourist attractions build during the British rule in India. It is completely worth your efforts to go all the way to the Mirzapur town and have a look at the small town built exactly according to the British architecture. This small town is almost 50 km away from the Varanasi city from where you can either take a bus or train to reach here. Continue reading below to learn more about these towns top 4 must-visit attractions!

  1. Salkhan Fossil Park

As the name suggests, this is a fossil park which will take you further into the history of our nation! This fossil park holds evidence from the ancient times when the early human had just started plantations. Not only is it enlightening but it is also an amazing overall experience. It is most recommended to visit this park only after August when the sun is a bit better to tolerate.

Salkhan Fossil Park - Mirzapur

  1. The Ojhala Mela

The Ojhala Mela is the name of a popular local festival which is celebrated by the people of Mirzapur. The festival is celebrated once every year, mainly to pay a tribute to the river Ujjvala flowing throughout the Mirzapur town. The festival takes place on a massive scale where people organize various water sports.

  1. Tanda Falls

After you are tired by the scorching heat of the sun, the Tanda falls will give you the most chilling experience ever! Believe me, when I say this, the Tanda falls is an ultimate place to visit and it will be the most standout spot throughout the town. Although, it is recommended to stay careful around this area overall enjoy the view and take in the chill!

Tanda Falls - Mirzapur

  1. Kal Bhairav Temple

Last but not the least on our list, is the Kal Bhairav Mandir which is the among the top places to visit in Mirzapur. The Kal Bhairav temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his righteousness! People hold strong beliefs that all their wishes come true if they come here with a dedication.

Other Tips: Mirzapur is a beautiful and picturesque little town. However, its geographical placement is not very helpful when it comes to traveling. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Mirzapur, it is advisable to go there during the months from November to April, because the weather is bearable.

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