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Top 5 Places to Visit in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh | Historical Places

Bareilly is one of the preferred tourism destinations in Uttar Pradesh. Even by the name of this place, one can imagine a vast history connected to this place. From late Smt. Indira Gandhi marking it as a Congress territory to being the land dedicated to Lord Shiva. You will be amazed to know the fact that Bareilly was the birthplace of a Hindu mythological character, Draupadi the wife to the Pandavas from Hindu Epic Mahabharata. The historical facts about Bareilly could go on forever and ever and this makes it amazing to visit some of the historical places in Bareilly. Yes, you read that right this little town in the northeast of Uttar Pradesh has a lot to tell and hence, it makes a must-visit place. But most importantly, Bareilly is a land of Hindu and Muslim devotion, both at the same time. Let us look at some must visit and exotic places to see around the town of Bareilly.

  1. Jagannath Temple

The Jagannath Temple is exclusively devoted to Lord Shiva. If you are planning to visit Bareilly, then it must be the first place from where you can start your travel journey. The believer and followers of this temple solely believe in the fact that Lord Shiva is the principal deity of this universe. It has sculptures, paintings and architecture from over 200 years ago! The beautiful wall art is said to be telling the story of Lord Shiva, his purpose and the universe that he created. The magnificent temple and the dedication will leave you awestruck.

Bareilly - Jagannath TempleImage Source: https://bit.ly/2QsUiFH
  1. Alakhnath Temple

As described by the priests and deities present, it is said that this temple is of great importance to the Anand Akhara and is the pride of Bareilly. Just like other temples in this town, the Alakhnath temple is also devoted to Lord Shiva and hence, one can see many nagas and the naga sadhus around the temple premises. One can find many animals such as cows and goat being worshipped by the devotees who visit Bareilly to take blessings from the lord.

Bareilly - Alakhnath Temple

  1. Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat

The Dargah-e-Ala is the shrine of a Muslim scholar and jurist during the British colonial rule, known as, Ahmed Raza Khan. He was a true hero in the Muslim community since he began the movement which brought the Shia and Sunni sect together.

  1. Army Service Corps Museum

The museum of the Army Service Corps is said to be holding a collection of all the guns which have been used in wars in the past. In a way, this museum was made to show the evolution of Indian artillery and how we have progressed as a nation through the respective advancement! Do make sure to pay it a visit when you are in and around Bareilly and go through the stories, bloodshed, and images of the martyrs who have lost their lives saving ours.

  1. Tulsi Math

As the name suggests, this is devoted to the literary legend, Tulsi Das who is also the author of great ancient Indian manuscript called Ramcharitramanas. If it hadn’t been for him, the general masses might have never been able to read or understand Ramayana if Tulsi Das hadn’t translated it. It is believed that Tulsidas was a reincarnation of Lord Valmiki, hence sent by the Gods above with a mission to translate and spread the word of Lord Rama and inspire people.

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